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Zed Expo International Fair Consulting which has 17 years experience and knowledge in fair sector has been managing the public agency in Turkey for the sectoral fairs in BDT Region of ITE Group PLC.

Zed Expo which carries on a business in the field of international fair consulting and services is the public agent of the packaging, packaging machines, metal processing machines, woodworking machines, welding machines, cable-wire, pump, valve and compressor fairs which are arranged in Russia, Azerbajian, Ozbekistan and Kazakhistan by one of the top five leading exhibition companies in the world, ITE Group PLC.

Our primary purpose is to provide Exhibitors to make contribution to exportation of Turkey by directing them to the right fairs in target market.

We have been providing transportation, customs, tourism and fairs stand services with the top-quality solution partners in the regions where we have provided services.

Right and active fairs in target market.